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Florian ❀ the Sixth Replica ❀ "Innocent One"
11 August 2030 @ 11:08 pm
How's My Driving?

Anon is ON.
IP Logging is OFF.
Comments are SCREENED.
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Florian ❀ the Sixth Replica ❀ "Innocent One"
23 October 2010 @ 10:19 am
[ Fail filtered to Anise; open to anyone ]

[ And amidst all the hazmatguys and stuff that Florian doesn't really understand, a tiny voice comes across the phone, sounding near tears. ]

Anise? Are you okay?

--I...What's going on, Anise? I'm scared.
Florian ❀ the Sixth Replica ❀ "Innocent One"
24 September 2010 @ 11:35 am


[ anyone walking through the town or neighborhood today can fine one (1) green haired replica trotting past stores and houses, back to his home, with two buckets of paint at his side. One is bright green, and the other orange. Feel free to stop him and ask, steal the paint, or whatever you like. He already has some of the paint splattered over his shoes and pants, as if he'd gotten more of the paint earlier in the day.

And of course, residents of the hippie house, once he reaches home: chaos. If you venture into the house, nearly everything is covered in orange and green paint. It trails out the door, splatters the front of the house, and blankets the lawn. The backyard is relatively untouched, but if the happy boy covered in paint and making his way back through the house is any idication, not for long.

did he even bring that much paint home?
yes. yes he did. ]
Florian ❀ the Sixth Replica ❀ "Innocent One"
22 August 2010 @ 08:45 pm
[ So after Kanna's little burn-Russia rampage yesterday, Florian has been doing some serious thinking. And it looks like he's finally gotten a hang of the whole telephone thing. ]

What is 'dying'?

Does it hurt to 'die'?

[ And for a minute it sounds like he's going to stop there. ]

Why is it wrong to hurt people?

...Why do people get 'sad'?

Florian ❀ the Sixth Replica ❀ "Innocent One"
11 August 2010 @ 11:01 pm
[ For those on the phone, all that can be heard is the sound of the telephone banging around, it's user unused to the technology. Then, a child's voice comes through pretty loudly, sounding frightened. ]

Anise! Pamela! Oliver!

[ And suddenly, he sounds like he's trying to find the right words for whatever he wants to say as he continues to shout into the receiver. ]
Anise! Anise! This isn't Daath! I-I wanna go h-home!


[ And of course, for the residents of the hippie Cross house, the shouting can be traced back to one of the extra rooms, now made up for a child. However, now the receiver is left hanging freely. Jade green eyes can be seen peering somewhat fearfully out from under the bed. The blanket seems to have been pull of in an effort to aid in the child's hiding, but obviously isn't helping too much.

Sup hippie house. Say hi to your newest son/brother. ]
Florian ❀ the Sixth Replica ❀ "Innocent One"
03 August 2010 @ 01:47 pm
Name: Kazu
Personal LJ: aestheticlost
Contact Info: candycaneFLAWS@gmail.com / candycaneFLAWS
Other Characters Played: None right now.
Preferred Housing: 1446 Mitchell Road, with the Crosses, as a third child. I've gotten permission from each of the muns whose characters live there!

Character Name: Florian
Character Series: Tales of the Abyss
Character Age: Biologically 2, but as he is a replication of a twelve year old ( plus being two years since his creation ) he appears 12-14.
Background: Florian is one of those characters that, while having an impact on the story, has very little screen-time or background. As such, some of this comes from headcanon.

Florian's story starts with anothers: the original Fon Master Ion. The original Ion was sick, and destined to die at the age of twelve. To ensure that the thing he hated most, the Score was destroyed and the "trash" that was humanity would stop following it's every word to the letter, he created seven Replicas. The first three, as well as the sixth were killed ( three by being tossed into a volcano, one by being punched through the stomach. Original!Ion was a bastard, and not the nicest to his creations. ), the fifth abandoned, and the seventh taken to replace Ion when he died. This left only the fourth, Florian, though he was unnamed at the time.

Florian was spared death by volcano, and instead kept in "storage", waiting for the time when he would be needed to replace the seventh replica. Florian was kept away from the outside world, only having any contact to others through Mohs, or an infrequent caretaker, and this continued for two years. We know that during this time, he had at least enough interaction with others to learn to walk and talk, but that's about it. He spent two years watching the world pass him by, isolated from the things around him.

Then the seventh replica died, and Florian's life outside of "storage" began.

He was taken by Mohs to read the score, something he doesn't seem to particularly care for. But the Score did not say what Mohs wanted to hear, and the replica was nearly tossed aside completely, failing what he had been created for. But seeing his confusion and distress ( and his, you know, resemblance to Ion ), Anise reaches a hand out towards him, inviting to come with her and the group. Soon it was decided; He would go live with Anise's parents in Daath, where they would not force him to read the Score or keep him locked away. But he needed a name, didn't he? So he was dubbed "Florian" by Anise, ancient ispanien for "Innocent One".

From that day on, he lived in Daath, assuming the role of the Fon Master until someone more capable was found; preferably Anise, who decided to train to become the first female Fon Master.

Personality: Due to near complete isolation from the world since the day he was created, Florian takes innocent, naive, and oblivious to dangerous levels. He doesn't know much beyond walking and talking, and even struggles with the former at times. He lacks the knowledge of basic things, such as the concept of death, what is socially acceptable, and right and wrong, pushing him to constantly ask a multitude of questions about the mysterious things he encounters. However, he makes up for this by being a quick learner, picking up basic knowledge in a matter of hours to days, as most of the remaining Replica's do.

When in Daath, Florian quickly begins to show his true self, the part of his personality he was not able to express when kept away. He could be compared to a toddler, always on the move, and always searching for new things to do or amuse himself with. He enjoys meeting new people, and seeing new places, doing the things that he hasn't been able to do since his creation. He's very childish, fond of running around and playing games such as tag or hide-and-seek. He is very much the bright, happy child with an insatiable curiosity and a zest for life, short one thought it has been. Though he seems to come to like many people, his favorite one will always be Anise, the very first person to show him kindness, and the one to name him.

Despite his love for new things, he does tend to be easily frightened at first by new situations or people. However, after spending time in their company, he quickly grows fond of them. He both confuses and frightens easily, due to his inexperience, and doesn't take well to other expressing anger at him. He needs someone to guide him for the most part, quickly becoming lost in a flood of things he does not know. He clings to those he trusts, counting on them to let him know when something should or should not be done.

Also due to his inexperience, he's quick to believe what he's told, and takes people and their words at face value. This easily leads him to being tricked by less kind people, unaware that they aren't the kind he needs to become friends with.

Florian appears to be somewhat strong mentally, keeping a cheerful attitude even after witnessing the deaths of the other four replicas. He's the sees the brighter side of things even in bad situations, and tries to bring others with him on that view. He is simply one of those characters who does not run on logic or thought, but sheer emotion. He likes this, he doesn't like that, and it's just that simple to him. He has no strict set of morals, but simply goes by how he feels about things, whether others agree on them or not.

Florian enjoys learning new things, and being outside and just being free after being isolated for so long. He could never run or play or enjoy the sun and flowers before, but after leaving with Anise, he can do these things all he likes, and he loves that.

Florian's only real ability is to read the Score; the prophecy that is really the memory of the planet. He presumably lacks the ability to sue Daathic Fonic Artes, as he is never mentioned to be able to use them.

Sample Entry: Dear Mun